Curriculum Partnerships

Mineola has a progressive philoshpy when dealing with Ed tech start ups.

We believe in creating partnerships that allow for product development and implementation. Here are some examples


School 4 One

S4O is Mineola's one stop shopping for digital curriculum. it is our work flow solution, curriculum builder, and standards database resource

It creates indivicual student portfolios that actually can demostrate student growth using his/her own work!

Here is a link to their website



Own your own, ON your own; that is what Kid OYO stands for. This unique platform allows students to work independently to learn to code.

It isn't just for kids; I CODED this entire webpage (on my own) using this product.

Here is a link to their website

Roble Education

Videographers working collaboratively with tecahers to create awesome digital content

Here is link to their website



eSpark provides children individual 'missions' based on his/her achievement on NWEA

Here is a link to their website


Knowing Science

Mineola has fully adopted the next generation sciecne standards. Children in grades K-6 rotate through hands on sciecne labs as a special, just like art and music.

Here is a link to their website


MathSpace and Brainscape

These two prgrams are the latest partnerships.