My Videos

Flipping the Classroom with high quality material


Why Videos?

The proliferation of 1:1 devices has exposed the lack of high quality digital content. Mineola hired a videography company (Roble Education) that works with teachers to create short videos in content topics that students have difficulty with. I wanted to lead by example and make a few of my own

Longitude and Latitude

One of tried and true, favorite lessons. So much fun actually using the chainsaw!

Coordinate Planes (Part 1)

After watching the longitude and latitude video my friends at eSpark asked me if I would make a video of a standard that their data shows kids have trouble with. They can up with coordinate planes

Coordinate Planes (Part 2)

For 8 consecutive ye Best community for musid

History of New York Harbor

After studying with my 4th grade son for his explorer test I knew I needed to make this video. I am very excited about the potential of interactive videos!

The Great and Powerful Oz

Type casting...